Recently returned from Moscow where I shot a new spot for CITIBANK starring Russia’s most famous comedy actor, Gosha Kutsenko, lazing around in his pyjamas. Fibr Films were the production company.

Just out in January 2017, a new commercial I directed for Scorch London for FRYLIGHT, a cooking spray. This playful spot features various families rhythmically nodding their way through meal times. It’s a stylised affair, all wide angles and symmetrical framings and is more colour co-ordinated than Wes Anderson’s tie rack!

THE MUTE SERIES - new films!
I’ve just released four new films on The MUTE Series website, my award-winning web series of one-shot, no dialogue films! Prepare for some odd group psychology that takes place in a queue, a funeral with a difference, some lonely boxes, and an episode about maintaining one’s dignity when changing on the beach.
There’s an article all about the series in

TUBEFILTER just chose The MUTE Series as one of their top five indie series of the year!

In the last three or four months, I’ve been booked on a few jobs…

I went to Kiev for the first time to shoot a zombie-themed mineral water ad for MIRGORODSKA water.

DDB Moscow booked me for a McDONALDS spot to tie in wth the Euro 2016 football tournament (click on the image to view this ad).

And I travelled to Vancouver where Grey New York hired me to direct a series of commercials for HASBRO’s “Star Wars” toy range.

Just shot a new ad for BONNE MAMAN’s chilled dessert range, the first ever UK TV commercial for the French brand. The agency was The Bank (London), the production company was 76 Ltd. It’s a charming, feel-good story featuring a family having fun in the kitchen in Provence.

Booked by Carrot Films and M+C Saatchi in Malaysia to shoot a 50-sec spot for CELCOM, a mobile phone company that let’s you lease a phone so you can always have the latest model in your hands. It's a quirky, energetic ad shot on the streets of Kuala Lumpur featuring lots of people walking backwards trying to sneak a peak at the heroine’s phone.

Shot another two-ad campaign for Mondelez for their ALPEN GOLD chocolate brand. The advertising agency was Ogilvy Moscow and the prod co was Trehmer. This one was shot in a studio. It’s a brief, to-the-point story about suddenly-energised hair stylists!

The MUTE Series wins an award!
The MUTE Series has just won the top prize at the Buenos Aires WebFest Film Festival, winning ‘Best International Series’ with over 300 other series from all over the world competing!

The MUTE Series is my deadpan collection of 1 — 2 minute films that adhere to three strict rules: no dialogue, no camera movement and using only one shot. With a nod to Jacques Tati and Roy Andersson, it's a web-series like no other!

Here's a fun Greek ad I recently made for F2G WIND, a mobile phone company. In the Greek language they say you're "stuck" to your friends and this ad shows a literal visualisation of that idea. Boo Productions were behind the production and The Newtons Laboratory, Athens, were behind the script. Sorry, there’s no subtitles but I think it’s fairly easy to understand!

Booked by Greek ad agency The Newtons Laboratory to shoot a 'responsible gaming' commercial for OPAP, the Greek lottery. The prod. co. was Boo Productions. It's a fun role-reversal story. 

Shot an extensive campaign for SMYTHS TOY SUPERSTORE with 76 Ltd for the ad agency TBWA Manchester. It's a bit like
Toy Story without the animation! Here's the centrepiece brand ad. Interesting to work with toys after my experience with puppets on my Thunderbirds DVLA commercial. If only they were as controllable as human beings...

Ogilvy Moscow booked me to direct two commercials for Mondelez's ALPEN GOLD chocolate. One of them features some sweet old museum ladies dancing after closing time.

Directed two MEGAFON spots for Leo Burnett Moscow. Shot in Zagreb, this one features rising star of Croatian cinema, Goran Bogdan. The other one is on my Showreel page.

Booked by Park Production, Moscow, to direct an ad for MTS MOBILE phones featuring the well-known Russian celebrity Dmitry Nagiev in a fun send up of retro Soviet tastes. Agency was BBDO Moscow.