The MUTE Series

The MUTE Series is my collection of very short deadpan films that cast a mordant eye over mini-moments of absurdity. Like live-action, single-panel 'comic strips', they are little reports on the vagaries of human behaviour. They're made with adherence to three strict rules:

RULE 1  no dialogue
RULE 2  no camera moves
RULE 3  only one shot

Vimeo STAFF PICK June 2017
Featured in Vimeo COMEDY May 2018
WINNER Best International Series at the Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Series Web 2016
TOP FIVE Indie Series of 2016, Tubefilter

“Funny, thoughtful, and surprisingly twisty… The MUTE Series represents the spirit of digital content… The MUTE Series is worthy of respect — and, perhaps, study.”

“This series has understood what the post-aesthetic treatment of the 21st century is going to be… Here is a talent that should be signed by Studio+ or Blackpills.”

“Like a modern-day Jacques Tati, Lambert creates his own absurdist universe out of life’s funny moments,”
— Joanna Hogg, Director of ‘Exhibition’

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